2021-05-12 - NI

NI accelerates AV development through monoDrive acquisition

The acquisition of monoDrive expands NI's reach in the ADAS and simulation markets.

2021-05-04 - Frank Büchner

Improving test case quality with mutation testing

This article shows how mutation testing can be applied to improve the quality of your test cases; problems that are…

2021-04-29 - Mark Pitchford

Ending the confrontation between functional safety and Agile software

When it comes to confrontation between the functional safety and Agile software worlds, there is truth on both sides and…

2021-04-27 - Rajan Bedi

Simplify satellite payload testing with AWTs

Arbitrary waveform transceivers offer the potential of a single-box measurement solution for testing a satellite transponder.

2021-04-09 - Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz vector network analyzers cover up to 67GHz

Rohde & Schwarz's R&S ZNA vector network analyzer now covers frequency ranges of up to 50GHz and 67GHz.

2021-04-06 - Kenneth Wyatt

Perform pre-compliance testing on large industrial systems

Large industrial systems need a whole different technique for radiated emissions pre-compliance testing.

2021-03-31 - Nitin Dahad

AMETEK acquires embedded computing and GUI firms

AMETEK Inc. is buying four companies, including embedded computing firm Abaco Systems and embedded GUI software firm Crank Software.

2021-03-30 - Charles Hymowitz

Why engineers should not do their own worst-case analysis

The elements necessary to perform WCCA should be brought together along with the right software, people, test data, and experience.

2021-03-24 - Arthur Pini

Tips for using an FFT with an oscilloscope

The FFT vertical or amplitude response is affected by a number of factors which should be kept in mind when…

2021-03-12 - Stephen Las Marias

Rohde & Schwarz to hold virtual Technology Symposium

Rohde & Schwarz Technology Symposium 2021 will feature wide-ranging topics—from testing to deployment in digital design, power electronics, mobile network…