2021-02-25 - Kenneth Wyatt

Testing a comb generator for conducted emissions measurements

This harmonic comb generator is designed expressly for testing conducted emissions measurements.

- Thomas Brand

Time of Flight System for Distance Measurement and Object Detection

Time of flight (ToF) is becoming increasingly important for distance measurement and object detection...

2021-01-28 - Arthur Pini

Test and measurement instrument development is never static

Instrument developments add to the versatility and usefulness of new test and measurement innovations.

2021-01-25 - Ryan Oliver

Proper probe positioning improves magnetic measurement accuracy

Precise and repeatable magnetic field sensing is critical to the success of many advanced applications.

2021-01-22 - Kenneth Wyatt

Evaluating small EMI antennas for radiated emissions pre-compliance testing

Full-sized EMI antennas can be large and expensive, so let's explore smaller options for radiated emissions pre-compliance testing.

2021-01-14 - Mike Hertz, Dave Van Kainen

Using an oscilloscope to analyze signals from automotive sensors

Use an oscilloscope to create a chain of measurement parameters and math operators for analyzing SENT sensor information.

2021-01-06 - Kenneth Wyatt

PCB design tips to reduce DC-DC converter EMI

EMI from DC-DC converters has long plagued designers of wireless and IoT devices; here are answers to pressing questions on…

2020-12-03 - Savitha Muthanna

Estimate probable measurement errors using math

Here is how to estimate the probable error of a direct and indirect measurement.

2020-11-27 - Kenneth Wyatt

Using a real-time spectrum analyzer for EMI debug

The SSA3075X-R real-time spectrum analyzer is equipped with 40 MHz RT bandwidth and EMI options.

2020-11-24 - Steffen Allert

Selecting storage for your industrial application

When considering a flash storage media that should satisfy the rigorous demands of an industrial environment, engineers may want to…