2022-08-11 - Damian Bonicatto and Phoenix Bonicatto

Simple, high accuracy/precision/resolution frequency counter

Here is a simple circuit for a frequency counter derived from the GPSDO schematic.

2021-10-29 - Christian Eder, congatec

COM-HPC: What developers and users need to know

COM-HPC, the next-generation standard for modular system designs, is complex and sometimes misunderstood. Here's what you need to know.

2021-05-20 - John Dunn

Use a Smith chart for component characterizations

Applicability of the Smith chart also applies to component characterizations, sometimes with intuitively surprising results.

2021-05-07 - James Imber and Tim Atherton

ROSC for neural network accelerator functional coverage

While the RISC (reduced instruction set computer) design philosophy has changed the face of computing forever, this article presents a new take on functional coverage for neural network accelerators: reduced operation set computing, or ROSC.

2020-08-13 - John Dunn

Understanding how bimetallic strips work

Bimetallic strips can be useful for making thermometers and thermostats, or for providing temperature compensation for other devices.

2020-07-29 - Global Market Insights

Adoption of Li-Fi systems set to grow

The growing adoption of Li-Fi systems across the education sector is anticipated to propel the global Li-Fi market share over the coming years.

2020-07-15 - Susan Nordyk

Wireless MCUs add Bluetooth 5.0 long-range capabilities

A trio of wireless MCUs from NXP add Bluetooth 5.0 long-range capabilities and robust serial communications.

2020-06-11 - Arthur Pini

Use waveform math to extend the capabilities of your DSO or digitizer

See how math operations can be used to extend the functionality of a digital oscilloscope or digitizer.

2020-05-12 - John Dunn

Understand the damaging effects of phase dispersion

A study of AM signals is a convenient tool for showing a damaging effect arising from phase dispersion.

2020-04-20 - Jae Uk Lee, Dr. Ryoung-han Kim, IMEC, and David Abercrombie, Rehab Kotb Ali, Ahmed Hamed-Fatehy, Mentor

Multi-patterning strategies for navigating the sub-5 nm frontier, part 3

Determine the best self-aligned multi-patterning process solution for your advanced node applications.