2023-02-08 - STMicroelectronics

Single-chip antenna-matching ICs simplify RF circuit design

ST's MLPF-NRG-01D3 and MLPF-WB-02D3 integrate the complete filtering and impedance-matching network needed for best RF output power and receiver sensitivity with an external antenna.

2023-02-06 - Ubiik Inc.

Ubiik and Realtek partner on dedicated NB-IoT module for 3GPP Band 103

Based on Realtek's RTL9518 chipset, Ubiik's Nimbus 220 NB-IoT module is optimized for operation in the Upper 700MHz A Block band.

2023-02-03 - Carolyn Mathas

Audio standards behind auto, smart-home designs

Matter enables smart-home devices to "talk" to each other locally without using the cloud.

2023-02-01 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

Active antenna systems reshaping RF front-ends

The transition from passive antennas systems to active antenna systems (AAS) is a salient RF technology highlight in 5G and 6G applications.

2023-01-16 - Mohammad Usman

Testing with SDR-based GPS/GNSS simulators

Simulating complex interference environments in the lab offers a range of clear benefits over live range tests, and makes situations that would be virtually impossible to test on a live range feasible through a simulated scenario.

2023-01-12 - Keysight Technologies

Keysight’s technology predictions for 2023

Keysight Technologies executives provide their forecasts on opportunities, challenges, trends, and developments to expect in the coming year.

2022-12-28 - Mohammad Usman

Implementing SDR-based GNSS/GPS simulators

By building a GNSS simulator with software defined radios, developers can easily perform critical tests needed to mitigate the host of factors that can degrade received GNSS signal.

2022-12-26 - Mohammad Usman

Using SDRs as a GPS/GNSS simulator

Software defined radios offer the performance and flexibility needed to help GPS/GNSS manufacturers test existing equipment.

2022-12-20 - Bill Schweber

Easing antenna tuning with digital capacitor ICs

Now, the tuning battle is over 5G and even 4G phones supporting multiple bands and embedded antennas such as the widely used PIFA.

2022-12-12 - EE Times Asia

TI Bags Five Accolades at EE Awards Asia 2022

TI's efforts in the high-voltage and automotive markets in Taiwan and Southeast Asia have been recognized by the region's engineering community as the company wins in five product award categories at EE Awards Asia 2022.