Cloud-based connection control accelerates Wi-Fi

Article By : Fujitsu

Fujitsu’s connection control technology increases communications speed by about a factor of two, on average, compared with previous technology.

Existing technologies allow each device to determine its communications route based on communications quality without considering its impact on other devices, situations could arise that reduce overall communications speed, as when Wi-Fi is chosen even when users doing high-load communications are concentrated around a Wi-Fi access point, or when LTE is chosen even in situations where there are not many users who can use Wi-Fi.

Hence, Fujitsu has developed a connection control technology that uses a cloud-based connection control ability to predict communications speed when multiple devices change their connection at the same time and can automatically set communication routes for multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi access point all at once based on that prediction. This technology can increase communications speed by about a factor of two, on average, compared with previous technology. With this, mobile users can make use of services that require high communications speeds, such as videos.

[Fujitsu Wi-Fi problems (cr)]
Figure 1: Connecting to LTE when communication quality is bad (current technology issue).

Estimates volume of usable resources

With this technology, by installing an application on a device, the server can control each device. The application installed on the controlled device first collects information on current communication speeds and wireless quality, and notifies the connection control function on the control server. The connection control function then calculates the communication speed if there were sufficient usable wireless resources from the wireless quality information, and by comparing this with the actual communication speed, estimates the volume of usable wireless resources. This then enables connection control that responds to the situation in that location.

[Fujitsu connection control technology diagram (cr)]
Figure 2: Fujitsu's connection control technology.

Optimise communication route

With the connection control function, this technology calculates the predicted communication speed for each controlled device in a Wi-Fi service area using information about the volume of wireless resources that can be used and wireless quality information from controlled devices for each routing pattern, whether each controlled device uses Wi-Fi or LTE for its communication route. Using these results, it chooses the distribution pattern of communication routes that maximises overall communication speed in the area, and then the connection control function on the control server notifies the dedicated application on each device that corresponds to that pattern, and then carries out switching of the communication route.

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