COMX modules bring processors to COTS form factor

Article By : EDN Asia

The COMX-T2081 and COMX-T1042 modules are designed to operate in harsh environments, according to Artesyn.

Based on NXP’s QorIQ T processors, Artesyn’s new line of COM Express embedded computing modules bring four or eight virtual core Power Architecture processors to a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) form factor. This enables cost-effective processor implementations with high processing density, simple technology migration and long lifecycle, according to the company.

Artesyn's COMX-T2081 and COMX-T1042 modules are designed to operate in harsh environments. With its AltiVec engine and innovative dual-threaded e6500 core offering a high performance/watt rating, NXP's T2081 processor is designed to deliver maximum benefit for mid-range applications as it outperforms the previous generation in core capability, cache size and SerDes bandwidth, within a similar power budget.

Pin-compatible with the T2081, the quad-core T1042 offers a cost-effective alternative for applications that require high performance CPU cores, along with SATA and graphics, in a low-power envelope, according to Artesyn.

Designed for the Basic COM Express size form factor (95mm × 125mm) and Type 5/6 pin-outs with NXP extensions/modifications, the newly launched QorIQ T-series based COMX-T2081 and COMX-T1042 modules targets applications including telecom, networking, aerospace, military/defence and industrial, including Internet of Things (IoT) applications requiring low power consumption and small physical size.

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