Code V 11.0 allows easy optical design verification

Article By : Synopsys

Synopsys’ Code V optical design software version 11.0 features specs, goals and analyses in central location.

Synopsys has introduced the Code V optical design software version 11.0 with SpecBuilder and SpecEvaluator tools, designed to define and monitor optical specifications and requirements. The SpecBuilder and SpecEvaluator tools create and then assess designs according to specs and goals.

The Builder

As the name suggests, the Code V SpecBuilder tool enables designers to utilise optical, mechanical, performance, manufacturability, environmental and cost details with the tool’s pre-built specs while still allowing designers to create their own custom specs using the Code V Macro-Plus feature. In the course of the project, design teams can collaborate in one central location furnished by the SpecBuilder.

The Evaluator

The Code V SpecEvaluator tool in Synopsys Code V 11.0, optical designers and engineers can easily assess, manage and develop their projects with a single click evaluation, enabling them to avoid errors and cut costs, according to the company. Even with a comprehensive table of specs and goals, optical design teams will be able to analyse the optical system at any point in the process.

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