Common mode choke coil suits in-vehicle Ethernet

Article By : Murata

The DLW43MH series achieves a common mode inductance of 200μH at 100kHz.

Murata has rolled out a new line of common mode choke coils supporting the automotive's BroadR-Reach (100Mbps) Ethernet system. The DLW43MH series complements Murata's products supporting CANBUS/FlexRay.

In the automotive market, the trend toward autonomous driving is gaining speed, and on-vehicle cameras are increasingly becoming a standard feature for viewing the area around vehicles. A high-speed differential interface (I/F) capable of sending large amounts of data is required for this. As a result, installation of BroadR-Reach (100Mbps), an on-vehicle version of Ethernet, is being promoted.

Murata has achieved mode conversion characteristics by controlling the balance of the electrostatic stray capacitance between wires, based on its expertise in winding technology gained in producing common mode choke coils for CANBUS/FlexRay, the control system I/F used in automobiles.

Available in 45mm x 3.2mm x 2.7mm, the AEC-Q200-compliant choke coils achieve a common mode inductance of 200μH at 100kHz.

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