Design software targets Linux, FreeRTOS-based apps

Article By : EDN Asia

The package allows developers to deliver solutions for automotive and industrial applications based on Linux and FreeRTOS environments.

NXP Semiconductors has rolled out the MAC57D5xx Linux and FreeRTOS software enablement package, targeting small and medium-sized developers who want to rapidly deliver solutions for automotive and industrial instrument cluster applications based on Linux and FreeRTOS software environments.

The MAC57D5xx MCU family, based on the ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-A processors, is a multi-core architecture solution for mid-range instrument clusters such as automotive infotainment systems, control and operator panels for automated production equipment and medical device interfaces.

The MAC57D5xx supports up to two WVGA resolution displays, one with in line head-up display (HUD) hardware warping. Its graphics content is generated using a Vivante 2D GPU and the 2D animation and composition engine, to reduce memory footprint for content creation, integrated stepper motor drivers and a powerful I/O processor.

The MAC57D5xx also integrates NXP’s latest SHE-compliant CSE2 engine and delivers support ISO26262 ASIL-B functional safety compliance.

NXP_MAC57D5xx_block (cr)
Figure 1: The MAC57D5 block diagram (Source: NXP)

Texas-based software engineering company Mobiliya is NXP's development partner for the Linux and FreeRTOS on MAC57D5xx.

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