Connectivity Chipset or Module for IoT System: Solving the Dilemma

Sponsor : STMicroelectronics (ST)

According to Statista (1), by 2025 IoT devices are expected to number more than 75 billion, far outnumbering the UN’s forecast of 8.1 billion people on earth by that year (2). IoT is probably one of the biggest drivers for technology companies. Probably the most important feature of an IoT device is that it is connected.

Wireless connected devices have a RF radio, antennae and associated circuit to convert electrical signals in electromagnetic waves and vice versa. Designers have two option to implement this circuit – a) Using RF chipset and design associated RF section and b) Use a module with RF chipset and associated RF section already mounted. In this article we will compare both the approach and help designers to take informed decision.

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