Infineon DPS310 pressure sensor evaluation environment for new applications

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From autonomous drones to fitness monitoring wearables, as well as indoor and outdoor navigation, a growing variety of products and applications now require the high-accuracy sensing of static and/or dynamic air pressure. With speeding development in the consumer electronic field, many of these target applications require short time-to-market. With this goal in mind, Infineon has created support tools that will help engineers minimize the time they spend evaluating, prototyping and designing in the new sensor to their products.

Our support tools comprise of Infineon wireless sensor hub 2.0 and the sensor hub Nano boards along with the SES2G Sensor evaluation software, we provide a complete evaluation environment for your testing and development. This will enable customers to make quick trials and integrate pressure sensor into their products easily.

Designers can use these evaluation environments to test, among other features, various IIR (infinite impulse response) filtering implementations for specific use cases. The DPS310 software driver includes a filter bank and filtering operations are performed in a host device.

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