SYNCHRONIZATION CHAINING, Simplifying Multi-channel Synchronization in Gigahertz Data Converters

Sponsor : Teledyne-e2v

For those involved in modern Telecom massive MIMO, surveillance or multi-function Radar, satellite SAR instruments … employing digital beamforming architecture, the need to maintain the phase information, coherency and stability throughout the signal chain is crucial in these systems. They may also have wide bandwidth requirements. Teledyne e2v’s data converter solutions meet these challenges with high sampling rate ADCs and DACs combined with an easy way to synchronize multiple channels by chaining the data converters.

Get familiar with this original and unique feature provided by Teledyne e2v that will help you develop your next generation system faster. Once trained and set at prototype level, one can confidently go to mass production with the same configuration.

This document explains the relative ease with which deterministic operation of Teledyne-e2v’s giga-sample broadband ADCs can be established to facilitate sample synchronization across multiple ADC channels especially in massively parallel sampling systems.(Tutorial Video of Multi-ADC Synchronization Technique>>)

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