Three ways to adjust power consumption and dissipation in your processing systems

Sponsor : Teledyne-e2v

Despite the rising power efficiency of new processors, the accelerating demand for computational power often outstrips the ability to cool the systems down and/or to provide them the right amount of current. Furthermore, mechanical/thermal design usually happens late in the development cycle. Consequently, it is likely to run up against thermal limits late in the design process. Designers naturally want to optimize their systems and find acceptable tradeoffs.
Teledyne e2v, the leading supplier of High Reliability microprocessors, has developed over the years a core competence to customize processors beyond their standard specifications; this allows system designers to increase both system’s safety margins, and get additional SWaP benefits (Size, Weight and Power).
This paper outlines Teledyne e2v’s tailored approach proposed to system designers to adjust power consumption and dissipation in processing systems using High Reliability processors.

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