Drivers support high speed rotation of small motors

Article By : Toshiba

The three-phase brushless motor drivers come in a WQFN 36 (5mm x 5mm x 0.8mm) package that can be mounted on the limited board space of small fans.

The Storage and Electronic Devices Solutions arm of Toshiba Corp. has launched two three-phase brushless drivers, the TC78B015FTG for 12V power supply and the TC78B015AFTG for 24V power supply, to support high speed rotation of small fan motors commonly used in home appliances and industrial equipment.

Cooling fans, such as server fans, are required to combine small size with high rotation speed to ensure a high cooling capability. Toshiba claims the drivers are small enough to be mounted on the limited board space of small motors and reduce the external component count with a one-sensor drive and current detection resistor-free system.

One-sensor driving secures more reliable motor operation than a sensorless drive and reduces the number of hall sensors from three (required for a 3-sensor drive) to one, Toshiba said. The detection resistor-free system can reduce rated power supply and eliminate the large resistors previously required, contributing to reduced demand for space on wiring boards, the company added.

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