E-paper starter kits integrate e-ink displays

Article By : Graham Prophet

The kit is a starting point for makers trying out an low-power e-paper display in their design.

Pervasive Displays has announced a configured e-paper shield starter kit that will enable makers and hobbyists integrate e-paper into any project requiring a display.

The kit, which is open-sourced and based around the Teensy LC microcontroller board, was created by SonikTech and is a starting point for makers trying out an inexpensive, low-power e-paper display in their design. E-paper displays do not require a power source to maintain an image and give crisp, detailed text and images. Displays are readable in sunlight with no backlighting needed.

Three types of kit are available, each containing an adapter board designed for compatibility with the Teensy LC microcontroller. It is also suitable with other microcontrollers using the SPI protocol to connect with Pervasive Displays’ E2215CS062 e-paper screen.

E-paper is suitable for operation at room temperature. A digital thermometer is included on the adapter board to communicate with the microcontroller via an I ²C interface.

Jarek Lupinsk of SonikTech said: “I want to make e-paper accessible to everyone and keep all code as open-source. Each pledge made to our Crowd Supply website earns a kit containing all the parts you need to get started using e-paper for your prototypes, designs, and installations. The project is running until the end of November so makers still have the chance to get their hands on one.”

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