EPC expands footprint-compatible GaN FET family

Article By : Efficient Power Conversion

EPC's 200V, 10mΩ GaN FET completes its family of footprint compatible QFN packaged devices for high efficiency and design flexibility.

Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) has launched the 200V, 10mΩ EPC2307 that completes a family of six GaN transistors rated at 100V, 150V, and 200V, offering higher performance, smaller solution size, and ease of design for DC-DC conversion, AC/DC SMPS and chargers, solar optimizers and microinverters, and motor drives.

The EPC2307 comes in a thermally enhanced 3-by-5mm QFN package, and is footprint compatible with the previously released 100V, 1.8mΩ EPC2302, the 100V 3.8mΩ EPC2306, the 150V, 3mΩ EPC2305, the 150V, 6mΩ EPC2308, and the 200V, 5mΩ EPC2304, allowing designers to trade off RDS(on) vs. price to optimize solutions for efficiency or cost by dropping in a different part number in the same PCB footprint.

The device’s extremely small thermal resistance improves heat dissipation through a heatsink or heat spreader for excellent thermal behavior, while wettable flanks simplify assembly, and footprint compatibility offers design flexibility to specs change for fast time to market.

This family of devices bring several benefits to motor drive designs including very short deadtimes for high motor and inverter system efficiency, lower current ripple for reduced magnetic loss, lower torque ripple for improved precision, and lower filtering for lower cost.

For DC-DC conversion applications, these devices offer up to five times higher power density, excellent heat dissipation, and lower system costs in both hard switching and soft switching designs. Additionally, ringing and overshoot are both significantly reduced for better EMI.

“The continued expansion of this family of footprint compatible, easy to assemble devices provides engineers the flexibility to optimize their designs quickly without delaying time-to-market,” said Alex Lidow, EPC’s co-founder, and CEO. “This family of devices is ideal for smaller, lighter weight motor drives, more efficient and smaller DC-DC converters, and higher efficiency solar optimizers and microinverters.”

The EPC90150 development board is a half bridge featuring the EPC2307 GaN. The purpose of these boards is to simplify the evaluation process and speed time to market. The 50.8-by-50.8mm boards are designed for optimal switching performance and contain all critical components for easy evaluation.


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