EPC power IC simplifies design and boosts power density

Article By : Efficient Power Conversion Corp.

EPC's latest ePower Stage IC integrates a complete GaN half-bridge power stage capable of up to 35A at 1MHz operation.

Efficient Power Conversion Corp.’s (EPC) latest ePower Stage IC integrates a complete GaN half-bridge power stage capable of up to 35A at 1MHz operation, offering higher performance and smaller solution size for high power density applications including DC-DC conversion, motor drives, and class-d audio amplifiers.

The 100V EPC23102 IC is designed for 48V DC-DC conversion in high-density computing applications and in 48V BLDC motor drives for e-mobility, robotics, and drones.

Key features of the device using EPC’s proprietary GaN IC technology include integrated input logic interface, level shifting, bootstrap charging and gate drive buffer circuits controlling 6.6mΩ RDS(on) high side and low side FETs configured as a half-bridge power stage. It comes in a thermally enhanced QFN package with a footprint of just 3.5-by-5 mm, offering an extremely small solution size for the highest power density applications.

When operated in a 48V to 12V buck converter, the EPC23102 delivers greater than 96% peak efficiency at 1MHz switching frequency and around 8–17A of continuous load current with a rated current of 35A.

“The ePower family of products makes it easy for designers to take advantage of the significant performance improvements made possible with GaN technology,” said Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC. “Integrated devices are easier to design, easier to layout, easier to assemble, save space on the PCB, and increase efficiency. Designers can use these devices to make lighter weight and more precise BLDC motor drives, higher efficiency 48 V input DC-DC converters, higher fidelity class-d audio systems, and other industrial and consumer applications.”


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