Eurotech, VMware tie-up boosts IoT edge computing

Article By : EDN Asia

The partnership targets the emerging architecture needs of edge IoT computing nodes.

Embedded systems provider Eurotech is bringing VMware's technology to multi-service IoT gateways and edge controllers, enabling a more efficient and deterministic resource allocation in industrial and mobile networking applications.

IoT gateways enhanced with the new platform are expected to result in highly responsive cloud services, extended scalability towards the edge and enforced privacy data policies, according to Eurotech.

In every IoT deployment, the secure access and the remote management of field nodes is of paramount importance. Eurotech and VMware will also collaborate to integrate state-of-the-art monitoring and management of edge nodes by combining VMware’s experience and technology for securing, monitoring and managing the Edge infrastructure with Eurotech Everyware IoT Integration Platform for the remote management and remote access of applications on IoT gateways.

Initial target systems will include Eurotech latest IoT gateways like the ReliaGATE and BoltGATE 20-25 and ReliaCOR and BoltCOR 30-17, certified for industrial and transportation verticals, with fanless, embedded, server-class performance up to the Intel Xeon-D.

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