Surface-mounted DC-DC converters comply with AEC-Q standards

Article By : Murata

The product uses an isolating sheet type transformer instead of a photocoupler, realising a compactness, reliable and high dielectric strength.

Targeting on-board applications, Murata Manufacturing's new MYIS series of compact surface-mounted isolated type DC-DC converters can be used in the two-battery system of an electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle, and plug-in hybrid vehicle, and also in the charging system of an EV/PHEV.

Control system circuits in many EVs and PHEVs are commonly driven by a conventional 12V battery that coexists with a circuit driven by a high voltage battery, and also an AC power supply control circuit used for charging. When power which spans different voltages from such multiple sources is being supplied, it is necessary to isolate each source.

The new MYIS series of compact isolated type DC-DC converters is made up of components that conform to AEC-Q. This product uses an isolating sheet type transformer instead of a photocoupler, thus realising a compactness, high reliability and high dielectric strength.

Although power supply modules with insertion terminals have been in use for some time, it necessitated the provision of mounting space on both sides of the customer’s board. In contrast, the new product employs face-mounted type cylindrical terminals, thus eliminating to need to provide through holes on the customer’s board, and also realising greater compactness of the power module itself. As a result, the area occupied by board is reduced, and circuit design flexibility is increased.

Production is scheduled to start in December 2016. The sample price is ¥1,000 ($9.98).

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