Handheld oscilloscope covers up to 500MHz bandwidth

Article By : Rohde & Schwarz

The mobile R&S Scope Rider features a spectrum analyser, a frequency counter and a harmonic analyser for evaluating the quality of power supplies.

With the power of eight instruments and dedicated modes for XY operation, roll mode and mask testing, the battery-operated, portable R&S ScopeRider oscilloscope provides the capabilities and the flexibility needed for debugging all kinds of electronic systems. The R&S Scope Rider comes as a 2- or 4-channel instrument for bandwidths up to 500MHz. Accessing the R&S Scope Rider functions are via the capacitive touchscreen or via the rotary knob and the large keys-considered for use with gloves or in harsh environments.

Spectrum analyser

The high update rate of the new R&S RTH-K18 spectrum analyser option allows very responsive and intuitive operation. Users see a signal simply by entering a centre frequency and the desired measurement bandwidth. The min hold, max hold, clear/write tracing and mean value operating modes support subsequent analysis. The logarithmic axis display and the selectable dBm and dBV amplitude units are clear and self-explanatory. Cursors and markers can be used as usual for detailed analyses.

[Scope Rider Handheld digital oscilloscope RTH fig1 (cr)]
Figure 1: The R&S Scope Rider.

Precision and frequency counter

The R&S Scope Rider is equipped with a high-precision, 2-channel frequency counter. The R&S RTH-K33 software option quickly determines the clock frequency of a signal and displays it on a nine-digit display with five-digit measurement accuracy. Present also in one of its channels is a reference clock to increase the accuracy to seven digits.

Power supply analysis

Power electronics often place a strain on the supply voltage. Analysing the harmonics of the base signal helps ensure interference-free operation. The new R&S RTH-K34 software option can analyse such effects. It measures harmonics to the 64th order and determines the total harmonic distortion (THDr and THDf). The R&S RTH-K34 option can also measure limit values in line with EN 50160.

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