IAR Systems Embedded Workbench wins the Best Development Tool Award in EE Awards Asia 2022

Article By : IAR Systems

IAR Systems' Embedded Workbench won the Best Development Tool Award in the Spotlight Award Category of the EE Awards Asia 2022.

IAR Systems’ Embedded Workbench won the Best Development Tool Award in the Spotlight Award Category of the EE Awards Asia 2022. EE Awards Asia 2022 celebrates outstanding corporates, products and individuals of extraordinary contributions to the industry. It is the most widely acclaimed indicator of design solutions in the electronics industry in Taiwan and Asia.

The EE Awards Asia 2022 received over 400 entries from 137 corporates globally competing in various award categories.  As a first-time contestant, IAR Embedded Workbench stood out from the massive internet user groups in Taiwan and Asia-Pacific region, as well as the screening and evaluation process by the global editor group and industry experts commissioned by the organizer ASPENCORE, winning the Best Development Tool Award. The glory is attributed to the powerful functions of the integrated development environment that meet the needs of development personnel. Moreover, the comprehensive support of the IAR Systems Taiwan team is also widely received and acclaimed among clients.

“We are truly honored that our Embedded Workbench won the EE Awards Best Development Tool,” said Chris Lin, Sales Manager of IAR Systems Taiwan. “Since its establishment, IAR Taiwan has been dedicated to offering assistance to more Taiwanese manufacturers in the development of creative products by leveraging our technologies. In the past, our integrated development tools have helped numerous engineers successfully develop quality products. Now, in response to the importance attached to embedded system security globally, in addition to development tools, IAR also offers security solutions for embedded development to enable clients to develop products with enhanced security.”

IAR Embedded Workbench is IAR Systems’ most renowned embedded development toolchain. The distinctive IAR compiler directives and macro system enhance program execution performance while power consumption is reduced. Moreover, its powerful debugger sustains convenient debugging, effectively shortening the product development cycle. Furthermore, IAR Systems has been maintaining close partnerships with other embedded-service partners. For services required for function safety certification, automotive analysis tools, and embedded product security, IAR Systems is highly capable of offering solutions with our partners. In the future, we will be working towards developing one-stop embedded solutions.

For more information on the IAR Embedded Workbench, please visit IAR Embedded Workbench.


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