IEC connector strip-blocks designed for data center power distribution

Article By : SCHURTER

SCHURTER's new 4750 series IEC strip-block meets the highly specific demands of power distribution in data centers.

SCHURTER’s new 4750 series IEC strip-block, IEC connectors Type F, meets the highly specific demands of power distribution in data centers. The strips provide a host of features including numbers of outlets in a strip, lighting possibilities, and terminal configurations for an unprecedented range of standard options.

Available with two (2) to seven (7) outlets and in bussed or conventional terminal connections, the new IEC connector strip-blocks feature status indicating light pipes and come in three (3) different colors to meet the universal needs, as well as tailor fit needs of PDU applications.

The 4750 series power strips neatly and compactly integrate functionality to save space in densely packed PDUs. In complex power distribution systems especially with extensive power monitoring capabilities, the visualization of status is of great importance. The 4750 provides status indication light-pipes in all positions of the outlet with 1, 2, L and N as standard, in addition to traditional strips with no light-pipes.

Illumination options include red, green and white. The integrated light pipes eliminate space otherwise needed for separately mounted LEDs, thus making room for additional outlets in the PDU. The strips are designed for snap-in mounting for ease of installation, with varying panel thicknesses based on length of light pipe. Terminals are available bussed L, N, and/or PE. Traditional terminals for soldering, quick-connect, 4.8mm, and PCB are also options, for example buss N and PE and wire to quick-connect L.

The 4750 series carries international safety approvals according to IEC/CCC rated 10A / 250 VAC 50 Hz, and UL rated 15A / 250 VAC 60 Hz. The series is compatible with all common cordsets, including cord retaining types such as side latching Twylock and top latching V-Lock. The outlets are available in black, grey, and white.

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