Infineon expands power module family

Article By : Infineon Technologies AG

The lead-type power module features an advanced three-level NPC topology that combines the latest generation of CoolSiC Schottky diode with the latest TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 chip technology.

Infineon Technologies AG has expanded its Easy power module family with the EasyPACK 4B, which is designed for photovoltaic string inverters. In this application, it can achieve up to 352kW and allows a significant increase in output power of about 40 percent compared to last generation PV inverter of 250kW using EasyPACK 3B. The module aims to enable a simpler but more powerful inverter design with higher power density and reduced system costs. The device is ideal for 1.5kVDC solar string inverters.

With the introduction of the F3L600R10W4S7F_C22 lead-type, EasyPACK 4B is now the largest package in the Easy family with three DCB substrates. Nevertheless, it still features a no-baseplate design, has a 12mm height, with PressFit pins and flexible pinout, and more.

Like the other Easy packages, it offers flexibility in platform-based solutions. The package extends the EasyPACK 3B hold-down concept to ensure low thermal resistance (Rth) and to increase robustness and quality. Just like the existing Easy family members, the new EasyPACK 4B has optimized stray inductance for reduced design efforts.

The lead-type power module F3L600R10W4S7F_C22 features an advanced three-level NPC (ANPC) topology that combines the latest generation of 1.2kV CoolSiC Schottky diode with the latest 950V TRENCHSTOP IGBT7 chip technology for up to 600A. ANPC is a popular topology in solar string inverters and ensures high efficiency as well as low power losses. This combination of topology and chip optimizes the usefulness of the power semiconductor.


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