IR receivers save PCB space with top-view design

Article By : Vishay Intertechnology

With two-lens design, Vishay’s two IR receivers offer typical irradiance down to 0.08mW/m² and voltage supply of up to 5.5V in four AGC versions.

Vishay Intertechnology has developed two top-view miniature IR receiver modules in a through-hole package, targeting IR remote control applications.

With a two-lens design for high sensitivity, the TSOP39xxx and TSOP59xxx IR receivers offer typical irradiance down to 0.08mW/m² and 0.20mW/m², respectively. The devices offer a supply voltage from 2.5V to 5.5V; very low supply current of 0.35mA typical for the TSOP39xxx series and 0.7mA for the TSOP59xxx series; transmission range up to 45m; and carrier frequencies from 30kHz to 5kHz. The receivers also provide improved immunity against ambient light and are insensitive to supply voltage variations and ripple noise. That said, this series are used for critically noisy environments, according to Vishay.

To accommodate applications requiring top-view IR receivers, side-view packages are typically modified with a 90° lead bend. By eliminating the lead bend, these devices reduce the PCB space requirement in products such as set-top boxes, air conditioners and high-end audio systems. The IR receivers also feature a photodetector, preamplifier circuit and IR filter in a single 4-pin epoxy package, and are offered in four automatic gain control (AGC) versions for short and long burst codes.

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