LED driver offers up to 2MHz transfer frequency

Article By : Toshiba

The Toshiba illumination LED driver IC features 24-channel output with single-wire input of up to 28V.

Toshiba has launched its TB62D787FTG LED driver IC integrating a single-wire Manchester-encoded interface. Suitable for amusement equipment and LED illumination applications, the IC has a 24-channel output of up to 28V/85mA max. Adding communication modes, which are switched by 6- and 12-channel outputs, improves the compatibility of the 24-channel output IC with controllers, according to the company.

The TB62D787FTG’s transfer frequency ranges between 0.5MHz to 2MHz. A built-in linear regulation circuit boasts 5V output and between 7V to 28V input. Daisy-chain pins for communication data are also incorporated. As a result, the extendibility of the LED driver unit is improved with only 3-wire inputs (a single power supply, data and ground).

The IC is housed in a VQFN40 handle with a heat dissipation pad on the back, it allows downsizing of the LED unit board.

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