Low ESR supercap targets thin devices

Article By : Murata Manufacturing

Murata’s supercapacitors have 35mF, 300mΩ capacity and low ESR that enable peak power assist in tens of milliseconds.

Supercapacitors have over 100 times the capacity of ceramic capacitors and electrolytic capacitors, and it is a storage device with a longer work life than ordinary secondary batteries.

Murata’s recently launched DMH series supercapacitors feature a low profile design of 0.4mm while having low ESR for use in thinnest devices. By using the 4.5V capacitor for peak power assist with lithium ion batteries in small electronics, the product contributes to increased output and power stability as well as functional improvement of the device.

[murata supercapacitor diagram cr]
Figure 1: Supercapacitor's 35mF, 300mΩ capacity and low ESR enable peak power assist in tens of milliseconds, with 1A for example.

The 0.4mm DMH capacitors target limited space applications such as various wearables, mobile electronics, smart cards, electronic paper devices and similar applications.

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