MCU software enables 1μs current-loop performance

Article By : Texas Instruments

The DesignDRIVE technology is a unified hardware and software platform that helps engineers develop and evaluate solutions for a variety of industrial drive and servo topologies.

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced the DesignDRIVE Fast Current Loop software that it claims enables its C2000 microcontrollers (MCUs) to push current-loop performance to less than 1μs. Together, the C2000 MCU portfolio and DesignDRIVE software simplify drive control system development, TI said.

The DesignDRIVE Fast Current Loop software is able to simplify designs by eliminating the field-programmable gate array (FPGA) typically used for external current-loop control, TI explained. A key part of the DesignDRIVE solution is the Fast Current Loop software, which the company said helps developers achieve higher control performance while saving valuable board space and simplifying thermal considerations.

Features of the DesignDRIVE Fast Current Loop software:

  • Subcycle pulse-width modulation (PWM) update techniques improve control-loop bandwidths to potentially triple the motor torque response.
  • Cycle-scavenging C2000 MCU needs only 460 nanoseconds for field-oriented control processing.
  • A complex controller replaces traditional proportional integration control and facilitates greater stability at higher speeds.

Developers can download the free Fast Current Loop software on TI's DesignDRIVE solutions page. Fast Current Loop software is a free update available for the C2000 controlSUITE software. In addition, the C2000 DesignDRIVE development kit for industrial motor control (TMDXIDDK379D) includes the hardware for industrial motor control designs and can support two simultaneous Fast Current Loop s as well as DesignDRIVE Position Manager technology. The kit is also available as the reference design, TIDM-SERVODRIVE.

The new DesignDRIVE Fast Current Loop is currently available for the C2000 Delfino TMS320F2837x family of MCUs for advanced control applications starting at $11.32 in 1,000-unit quantities in the TI store and at authorised distributors. The C2000 DesignDRIVE development kit (TMDXIDDK379D) is available for $999. TI plans to offer Fast Current Loop support for the TMS320F2807x and TMS320F28004x C2000 Piccolo MCUs in the future.

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