Microchip Technology Earns “Featured IoT Chip Supplier” and “Best MCU/Driver IC of the Year” at EE Awards Asia 2022

Article By : Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip has received four accolades from EE Awards Asia 2022, including "Featured IoT Chip Supplier" and "Best MCU/Driver IC of the Year", both for the Taiwan and Asia categories.

Microchip Technology Inc. is honored to receive four accolades from EE Awards Asia 2022, including “Featured IoT Chip Supplier (Taiwan),” “Featured IoT Chip Supplier (Asia),” “Best MCU/Driver IC of the Year (Taiwan),” and “Best MCU/Driver IC of the Year (Asia).” The awards not only recognize Microchip’s leading performance in the MCU market, but also acknowledge the company’s remarkable achievement in the Internet of Things (IoT) field. Standing by the event’s goal of “creating the future with the electronics industry and changing the world with engineers,” Microchip aims to continue to drive innovation and technology development together with industry peers.

Microchip holds a leading position in IoT applications and offers total system solutions to create smart, connected and secure IoT designs. IoT device manufacturers can leverage our ecosystem that encompasses smart processors, smart analog devices, certified wired and wireless connectivity and robust security to simplify the development of innovative wired and wireless systems. In addition, Microchip provides comprehensive design assistance through our ready-to-use software and tools, partnerships with the largest cloud computing companies, and world-class support. This simplifies and accelerates your journey from idea to cloud and helps speed up production time and revenue stream.

The PIC16F17146 MCU, which was awarded the “Best MCU/Driver IC of the Year,” is a new 8-bit MCU launched by Microchip in 2022. Apart from the embedded system market dominated by smartphones, autonomous cars and 5G network, IoT nodes have spurred a rapidly growing demand for 8-bit MCUs due to battery life, connectivity, flexibility and other factors. Microchip’s 8-bit MCUs offer embedded designers simple solutions to their most common problems with MCUs’ processing power, ability to easily communicate with other chips, and analog peripherals that have been built to be exceptionally configurable without having to make changes to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). These devices combine ASIC-like capabilities with a simple development experience that extends traditional MCU capabilities and allows them to be configured as smart peripheral chips. Smart peripherals, like the software-controlled op amp found in the PIC16F171 family, the Multi-Voltage I/O (MVIO) and Analog-to-Digital Converter with Computation (ADCC) add value to applications that otherwise would not use traditional MCUs.

Microchip’s PIC MCUs are incredibly easy to design with and their support network enables you to accelerate the time to market. The 8-bit MCU portfolio is pin-to-pin compatible, which allows an alternate PIC or AVR MCU to be selected when more performance is needed or when a customer wants to maximize product availability while minimizing redesign requirements.

Looking ahead, Microchip will continue to follow its mid-to-long-term strategies and focus on the six key global market megatrends, including 5G, IoT, data centers, e-mobility, sustainability and ADAS/autonomous driving. The company will capitalize on its broad portfolio of smart, connected and secure products, as well as its comprehensive suite of software, hardware and reference designs to offer total system solutions. The company aim to help customers simplify their design processes and shorten time to market. Microchip will continue to deliver high-quality services, outstanding technical support, dependable delivery and quality to over 120,000 customers worldwide across the industrial, computing, automotive, communications and consumer markets, and be your most trusted partner.

To learn more about Microchip’s IoT solutions, please visit https://www.microchip.com/en-us/solutions/internet-of-things.


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