Modular debugging engine supports multicore MCUs

Article By : PLS

PLS UDE v4.8 features 4GB trace data analysis, simplifying evaluating runtime behaviour of real-time operating systems albeit offline.

PLS has launched its Universal Debug Engine (UDE) version 4.8 that enables analysis of very large amounts of trace data and for evaluating runtime behaviour of real-time operating systems.

With PLS’ Universal Access Device 3+ (UAD3+) and broadband trace interfaces like Aurora, as much as 4GB data can easily be recorded for SoCs. The UDE 4.8 features a ‘Find All’ function that enables developers for single search run and results presented by bookmarks for efficient navigation.

The UDE 4.8 also features call graph analysis for efficient investigation of runtime behaviour. An add-in here is the OSEK (Open Systems and their Interfaces for the Electronics in Motor Vehicles) standard. Alone through the trace-based observation of operating system variables, defined for example by the OSEK Run Time Interface (ORTI), the UDE 4.8 can collect runtime information without instrumentation of the operating system, which would be necessary otherwise. An export function for the Best Trace Format (BTF) simplifies the subsequent evaluation and visualisation of the analysed data using popular task analysis tools.

The debug engine likewise provides presentation of call hierarchy of functions, profiling information and trace data storage any time. Since the actual trace analysis can also be performed offline optionally, usual long occupancy times of an expensive Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system can be avoided.

[PLS UDE v4point8 fig1 (cr)]
Figure 1: UDE v4.8 is modular debugging engine from PLS supports multicore MCUs.

Documentation of the COM-based automation interface was completely revised for version 4.8 of the UDE. Among other things, additional samples take UDE’s support for various scripting languages into account. The COM interface allows not only controlling UDE completely by scripts and setting up automated test runs, but also enables a close tool coupling of third-party access tools.

PLS’ UDE 4.8 user interface is tailored for multicore MCU debugging, yet there is also an own perspective for the Eclipse development environment available which provides complete cross-debugger functionality as well.

The UDE 4.8 supports multicore microcontrollers including AURIX TC39 from Infineon, Renesas RH850 family or more recent devices of the STMicroelectronics SPC58NE product line.

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