Multi-anode polymer capacitors offer up to 75V ratings

Article By : Vishay Intertechnology

The capacitors have 470µF capacitance and 75V voltage ratings, and are suitable for computing, telecom and industrial applications.

Vishay has added the T59 series to its vPolyTan family of multi-anode polymer chip capacitors used in computing, telecom and industrial applications. The devices feature 15µF to 470µF capacitance, capacitance tolerance of 20%, and up to 75V voltage ratings.

The T59 series has a capacitance of 150µF at 30V and 25% volumetric efficiency unlike other devices. Each capacitor is packaged in an EE (7343-43) case, which allows 25mΩ to 150mΩ ESR at 25°C and 100kHz.

The capacitors also have 1.3A to 3.1A ripple current at 100kHz and a -55°C to 105°C operating temperature range. They are halogen-free, RoHS-compliant and surge current tested to ensure suitability for inrush-current applications.

The T59 series reduces component counts, saving PCB space and lowering costs in solid-state drives, networking equipment, and motherboards.

Samples and production quantities of the T59 series are currently available with 10-week lead times for large orders.

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