Murata 1.6mm chip inductor shields NFC circuits

Article By : Tsuneo Murata, Murata Manufacturing

Murata has created a 1.6mm chip inductor ideal for NFC circuits in smart phones, which resist magnetic saturation and suppress interference.

Murata has introduced the LQM18JN series, a 1.6mm × 0.8mm × 0.55mm chip inductor ideal for NFC matching circuits in smart phones.

An NFC circuit uses a chip inductor for impedance matching, however, current with large amplitude flows in an NFC matching circuit. With a common matching inductor, the effect of magnetic saturation hinders expected performance.

Murata's inductor has a ±5% narrow deviation and can resist magnetic saturation and suppress interference with surrounding components even at high mounting density.

[Murata LQM18JN series]
*Figure 1: The Murata LQM18JN series.

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