2023-01-20 - Steve Hageman

My favorite design idea of all time…

A look at some clever design ideas that might stick with you through the decades.

2023-01-20 - Efficient Power Conversion

EPC GaN eToF laser driver IC enables higher density lidar systems

EPC's EPC21701 is capable of 15A pulsed current for ToF lidar applications including vacuum cleaners, robotics, 3D security cameras and 3D sensing.

2023-01-19 - Microchip Technology Inc.

Microchip rad-hard power management device suited to LEO space applications

Microchip's first COTS rad-tolerant power, the MIC69303RT 3A LDO voltage regulator, is targeted at LEO and other space applications.

2023-01-19 - Fusion Worldwide

Fusion Worldwide among the Top 20 semiconductor tech companies of 2022

Fusion Worldwide was awarded the Top 20 Semiconductor Tech Companies 2022 award for transforming businesses and providing semiconductor tech solutions in the industry.

2023-01-19 - Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor multi-function PMIC simplifies system design

Nordic's nPM1300 PMIC simplifies system design by integrating essential functions required for BLE embedded designs.

2023-01-19 - Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon divests HiRel DC-DC converter business

Micross will acquire Infineon's HiRel DC-DC converter business, including its hybrid and custom board-based power products.

2023-01-19 - Josh Mandelcorn

Two simple isolated power options for 8W or less

Here are two approaches that both reduce design complexity and noise coupling in isolated bias power supplies.

2023-01-19 - Brian Dipert

On-PCB options for catching tones

At the highest conceptual levels, microphones intended for system integration purposes hearken to their standalone relatives. But deviation occurs when it comes to implementation specifics.

2023-01-17 - Texas Instruments Inc.

TI battery monitors help improve EV range

TI's latest high-voltage ASIL D-compliant, high-precision battery monitors improve range estimations with the highest accuracy possible.

2023-01-17 - Majeed Ahmad

The diverging worlds of SiC and GaN semiconductors

There are sweet spots for SiC and GaN power devices and there is some fight on the edges between these WBG semiconductor technologies.