2022-09-28 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight 224G Ethernet test solutions accelerate 1.6T transceiver design and pathfinding

Keysight's new 224G Ethernet test solutions enable SoC makers to accelerate 1.6T transceiver design and pathfinding.

2022-09-28 - Majeed Ahmad

Battery management toolset employs digital twins

The R2022b release of MATLAB and Simulink has introduced two new features to simplify and automate model-based design for engineers and researchers.

2022-09-28 - Maicon Bruno Hofmann

Designing a power-saving solenoid driver

Using a current regulated driver to activate and deactivate the solenoid greatly reduces the power consumed in the internal solenoid resistance.

2022-09-27 - Jean-Jaques (JJ) DeLisle

Choosing between multiport VNA and modular VNA

Vector network analyzers (VNAs) are available in multiple configurations to cater to a specific number of ports for measurement.

2022-09-27 - STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics Stellar P6 MCUs targeted at next-gen EV platforms

STMicroelectronics has unveiled new MCUs targeting the coming electrified drivetrains and domain-oriented, over-the-air updateable systems that are the foundation of the next generation of EVs.

2022-09-27 - Bill Schweber

Forget Tesla coils and check out Marx generators

Building a Marx generator is easier than doing the popular the Tesla coil, since it doesn't require windings or as many high-voltage components.

2022-09-26 - Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz extends signal, spectrum analyzer frequencies to 50GHz

Rohde & Schwarz has extended the frequency range of its R&S FSV3050 and R&S FSVA3050 signal and spectrum analyzer families to 50GHz.

2022-09-26 - Ryan Chen

Managing changing IP in an evolving SoC design

IPs undergo multiple revisions due to evolving specifications and managing these changes as the SoC design evolves can become a nightmare.

2022-09-26 - John Dunn

Sneaky feedback paths that de-stabilize an otherwise stable feedback loop

Loop gain and loop phase tests should always be run at varying levels of excitation to see if the test results match each other at every excitation level.

2022-09-23 - Diodes Inc.

Diodes’ PCIe 4.0 ReDriver extends PCB trace lengths while lowering power consumption

Diodes has strengthened its range of PCIe solutions with the addition of a new high-speed data rate ReDriver device.