Molex's new line of radio frequency products, BNC RF connectors and assemblies yield return loss performance that exceeds the SMPTE 2082-a standards, targeting 8K high-speed, high-definition TV, video equipment and camera manufacturers.

The new BNC RF connector line transmits signals up to 12GHz, according to the company. The Molex 12GHz BNC RF Connectors and Assemblies allow users to exceed the performance requirements of serial-data transmission for 8K HD televisions and video equipment such as cameras, monitors and switching gear. The higher bandwidth helps carry the higher amounts of data needed for 8K HD video applications, allowing the equipment OEMs to utilise a single video port versus three in the 4K HD video devices. Options for design flexibility include right-angle, vertical and bulkhead PCB configurations.

The Molex 12GHz BNC RF Connectors and Assemblies are available in 75Ω impedance, and are backward compatible with 3GHz 75Ω BNC connectors, according to the company.