Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. has added four 20V MOSFETs to its portfolio. The MOSFETs claim to have the lowest on-resistance specifications in the industry.

The SSM3K344R, SSM3K345R, SSM3J355R and SSM3J358R are enclosed in small SOT-23F packages (2.4x2.9mm), which offer power dissipation and can be installed in the industry-standard SOT-23 package land pattern.

The MOSFETs provide a simple FET switch functionality for power rails up to 40V, at currents up to 6A. The company’s UMOSVII-H MOSFET process allows for a significant reduction in gate switch charge and on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) when compared to the previous MOSFET process, resulting in greater power efficiency, Toshiba noted.

The devices achieve low on-resistance by utilising a low voltage trench structure process and feature a highly allowable power dissipation rating (2.4x2.9mm, PD=1.0 W1).

Main Specifications (@Ta=25°C)


According to Toshiba, the MOSFETs are suitable for lowering the power consumption in power supply controls for individual function blocks, or for power supply distribution. Applications include mobile devices, such as PCs, laptops and tablets, in addition to other consumer products and industrial equipment.

The SSM3K344R, SSM3K345R, SSM3J355R and SSM3J358R are available now.