NEC has developed a prototype of a massive-element active antenna system (AAS) for base stations that supports 28GHz band, with a view towards the application of 5G.

NEC's simulation trials of the newly developed AAS, which adopts beamforming, achieved up to 1km in long-distance communications in 16 respective directions on 28GHz high radio frequency bands at a speed of 30Gbps or faster per cell and spectral efficiency 20 times greater than LTE on a per-communication area basis.

"The need for high-speed and high-capacity communication services is growing in pace with the distribution of 4K/8K video and the spread of new technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality," said Katsumi Tanoue, deputy general manager, Mobile Radio Access Network Division, NEC Corporation. "It is important to build a mobile network that supports services based on these technologies, utilising high frequency bands and beamforming.”