ARM has brought to market the ARM Artisan physical IP, which includes POP IP, for mainstream mobile SoCs based on the ARM Cortex-A73 processor on the TSMC 16FFC (FinFET Compact) process. According to the company, the third-generation Artisan FinFET platform is optimised for TSMC 16FFC process and will allow the company’s SoC partners to design the power-efficient, high performance implementations of Cortex-A73 for mobile and other consumer applications for appropriately-prced for the mass-market.

ARM taped out the first TSMC 16FFC test chip incorporating Cortex-A73 POP IP in early May 2016. The chip is enabling ARM partners to move quickly towards the validation of key performance and power metrics for their products. The Cortex-A73 is part of the latest ARM mobile IP suite and it has been designed to deliver significant increases in sustained performance and efficiency compared with the Cortex-A72.

The Artisan 16FFC physical IP platform is available for evaluation on the updated DesignStart portal, which gives access to a range of Artisan physical IP at