TE Connectivity's MATE-AX miniaturised automotive coax connector system targets analog signal and digital data transport applications. The connector solution performs significantly better than the standard FAKRA connector system in both frequency range and digital transmission capacity, according to the company.

The coax connector system can transmit up to 20GHz related to specific specifications. The product is as robust as the proven FAKRA design while allowing a connection to four coax lines in nearly the same space as a single traditional FAKRA connector.

MATE-AX terminals and connectors are designed for standard automotive-grade coax cables similar to RTK 031/RG 174 and support the miniaturisation of the classic antenna module connectivity over coax lines. They also provide flexibility for digital high data rate applications for camera links and support network physical layers like MOST 150 over coax or automotive Ethernet over coax.

TE products connect nearly every electrical function in cars—from alternative power systems to infotainment and sensor technologies, according to the company.