Security media printing company Shoei Printing is set to launch five digital security services for authenticity assessment and authentication that leverage Fuji Xerox's Yoctrace technology.

Launching in spring of 2018, the services target paper-based media or non-face-to-face identity verification for virtual and local currencies, electronic-based tax payment certificates and payment certificates, securities such as valuable stock securities and certificates of evidence, media to protect brand, and the simplification of automatic ID recognition technology in ID card systems and advanced service for falsification prevention.

Shoei Printing plans to start testing the Yoctrace-based digital security services by the end of fiscal year 2017, before introducing its identity verification solution in virtual currency business CurrencyPort.

20170816_EDNA_Shoei-Printing-digital-security (cr) Figure 1: Shoei Printing's service overview. (Source: Shoei Printing)

Fuji Xerox's Yoctrace is an object recognition technology that recognises inherent random patterns inadvertently generated on the surface of objects, such as industrial products.

The technology has been in development for some time with the company first introducing a paper recognition technology back in 2002. Yoctrace builds on that concept and takes it to industrial materials other than paper enabling authenticity assessment and unique identification using an original algorithm. The technology can be applied not only to the prevention of counterfeiting but also to the enhancement of security for saving virtual currencies on printed paper by combining with blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Shoei Printing has been handling media printing using technologies for authenticity assessment and prevention of falsification since its establishment in 1907. Leveraging its knowledge and experience, the company has been examining a new mechanism that prevents falsification by adopting new technologies that can address digitalisation of printing technology.

Shoei Printing and Fuji Xerox have been jointly pursuing ways to prevent counterfeiting of securities and certificates of evidence in financial systems, as well as authentication service for ID cards and guarantee cards used for brand protection since January 2012.