Microchip Technology has rolled out a new digitally enhanced power analog (DEPA) product for DC-DC power conversion, which is capable of accepting up to 42V input while simultaneously regulating an output voltage range from 300mV to several hundred volts, depending on topology.

The MCP19215 is a dual controller, offering the ability to control two flyback, SEPIC, boost and/or Ćuk circuits simultaneously. The two circuits can even be different topologies. Alternatively, it can be configured to control one power train bidirectionally, maintaining voltage or current regulation in either direction through the power converter. This allows the circuit to dynamically switch between constant voltage and constant current operation, while also switching the direction of the power conversion.

The MCP19215 also features low quiescent current sleep modes and the ability to survive load dump transient conditions, making it ideal for automotive applications. The device can be programmed to shut down other loads and enter sleep mode, allowing direct connection to the battery with minimal power consumption when the engine is not running.

The device is supported by Microchip’s suite of programming and development tools including MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the MPLAB XC8 complier. The MCP19214 and MCP19215 are featured in the ADM00799 evaluation board, controlled with an accompanying graphical user interface.

MCP19214 and MCP19215 are available today in a 5 x 5 QFN package starting at $3.17 in 10,000 unit quantities.