PCB-Pool prototype manufacturing company Beta Layout has rolled out the latest version of its TARGET 3001! V18 software, which is free to download. This version includes support for prototyping of 3D mechatronic interconnect devices (3D-MIDs).

The underlying PCB-Pool offering is a prototyping service where multiple different PCB designs are amalgamated on to a single panel to reduce costs. Now, the company has added the option to create “3D PCBs.”

3D Mechatronic Integrated Devices are three-dimensional bodies with integrated circuit structures. A metallised thermoplastic part (MID) replaces the circuit board plus additional components, which usually consists of many different materials. The 3D-MIDs are made of recyclable thermoplastics and are easier disposed of than conventional circuit boards.

The software release includes an integrated 3D-MID function enabling schematic creation and the ability to place circuitry on already created 3D step file data. This, the company claims, is the first free ECAD software for designing electronic circuits on three-dimensional circuit carriers and is now available to download.