SII Semiconductor's S-5718 series of Hall effect switch ICs allows switching between omnipolar detection, N pole detection and S pole detection on a single IC.

When used in combination with a microcontroller, the S-5718 can identify the polarity of nearby magnets, allowing design engineers greater flexibility when designing open and close detection for smartphones, tablets or other devices needing this function, according to the company.

The new S-5718 series of products are Hall effect switch ICs capable of omnipolar and single-pole detection. The product is equipped with three types of detection capabilities: a type that detects both poles (both S pole and N pole), a type that detects only S pole and a type that detects only N pole. When there is no input to the SWP pin (High-Z), omnipolar detection is enabled. High input voltage to the SWP pin switches to N pole detection, while low input voltage switches to S pole detection.

The S-5718 offers low voltage operation down to 1.45V and is equipped with a wide hysteresis component that can obtain stable output results even in environments where magnetic distances are susceptible to change. The series is available in the super small SNT-4A (1.6mm × 1.2mm × 0.5mm) package.