It looks a bit like a digital thermometer or a battery-powered soldering iron but inside is an oscilloscope probe that connects with your smartphone or tablet. This portable oscilloscope, called Aeroscope, delivers an analog bandwidth of 100MHz and a sample rate of 500MSamples/s, all in a handheld package weighing 50g that keeps going for anywhere between 4 hours and 8 hours.

And that's not all. You can open it up and embed its board into other devices, like drones, and read the measurements on your tablet in the field. Its Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity to about 61m helps.

Our own test guru Martin Rowe met with co-developer Jonathan Ward last month--the other developer at Aeroscope Labs is Alexander Lee--and got a live demonstration shown in the video below. Watch and then go over to their crowdfunding effort at