Ericsson's third-generation quarter-brick bus converter module, BMR458, provides up to 650W of output power for applications that are powered by multicell batteries or rectifiers used in the ICT industry and employ intermediate bus conversion or dynamic bus voltage architectures. In addition to its high power delivery, the BMR458 offers active and droop current sharing.

The module furnishes an output voltage of 12V regulated to within ±2mV over the full operational input range of 40V to 60V, while output current monitoring to within ±1A enables accurate system monitoring. Efficiency is as high as 96.6% at half load and 96.3% at full load. The unit supplies I/O isolation of 2250VDC in compliance with IEC/EN/UL60905 standards. MTBF is rated at 8.2 million hours.

Other features of the BMR458 include dynamic load compensation, which adjusts the control loop to meet the capacitance load. This function can be used in conjunction with Ericsson’s Power Designer software tool for initial development and prototyping of digital power systems via the module’s PMBus interface.

Prices for the BMR458 bus converter module start at $62 in OEM quantities.