Renesas Electronics has announced two battery management solutions, RAJ240090 and RAJ240100, ideal for lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable batteries used in industrial equipment, including power tools and e-bikes.

The RAJ240090 supports three to eight cells while the RAJ240100 can support three to 10 cells with a 50V maximum capability. Both have built-in safety features to protect Li-ion batteries from failure.

In addition, the battery management solutions feature an integrated microcontroller (MCU) that allows support for a wide range of industrial battery system specifications. They integrate remaining capacity measurement and safety monitoring functions, including overvoltage and overcurrent, as well as low-power RL78 MCU.

Renesas also offers design support tools such as reference software and circuit diagrams as well as set-up manuals to aid development of battery management systems. The support tools allows changes to parameter setting and Li-ion battery pack design.

The RAJ240090 and RAJ240100 also support a low-power mode, which reduces current consumption to 25μA. This allows battery monitoring functions to operate constantly, even when the system is shut down. A record-keeping function can store information such as battery history to monitor deterioration and store system faults in the MCU memory. The MCU can issue an alarm and disable battery to prevent battery failure.

In addition, the battery management ICs support a system configuration in which Nchannel MOSFETs are positioned at the positive poles of the battery cells. This means that if the battery management IC fails, the system can be shut down safely. If the MCU enters a runaway state, however, the battery protection function of the front-end block can continue to operate independently, allowing failsafe system safety.

Samples of the RAJ240090 and RAJ240100 battery management ICs are available currently. Pricing differs by product. For example, the RAJ240090 is priced at $10 per unit. Mass production is scheduled to begin in January 2017. Renesas plans to provide evaluation boards, development tools, and software for these ICs.