On Semiconductor has introduced a new CCD image sensor that enables video imaging under reduced x-ray dosage conditions, helping enhance patient safety in digital radiography.

The KAF-09001 image sensor provides the same critical imaging performance as its predecessor, the KAF-09000, which is currently used for digital radiography image capture, but the KAF-09001 incorporates an improved output architecture that supports a high sensitivity video mode, facilitating patient positioning while minimising overall x-ray exposure.

With a resolution of 9MP, the KAF-09001 shares the same high sensitivity, low-noise 12µm pixels as the existing KAF-09000. The quad-output design incorporated into the new device supports readout speeds up to 20MHz, providing a 10x increase in full resolution frame rate and up to 10 frames per second (fps) video preview when the device is operated with 3 x 3 binning.

The KAF-09001 is available today in both standard and engineering grades in a RoHS-compliant CERDIP-60 package with an integrated CuW cooling plate. The device is available with monochrome spectral sensitivity in both sealed and taped glass configurations.