Microchip Technology has introduced a kit that features a LoRaWAN gateway, two sensors and a local server application, which according to the company are all the components necessary to create a low-power wide-area network in Europe (DV164140-1 for the 868MHz band) or North America (DV164140-2 for the 915MHz band).

Each kit includes two Motes (LoRaWAN sensors) based on Microchip’s RN2483 or RN2903 LoRa modules, a LoRaWAN gateway and a local LoRaWAN server application. The technology targets low data rates and low-duty-cycle applications for tracking and monitoring such things as energy, location, utility infrastructure, smart city, environment, agriculture and public safety. Although predominantly used for the uplink of sensor data, bidirectional communications allow real-time acknowledgement of mission-critical data and downlink control of remote actuator nodes.

LoRaWAN kit

Each kit can serve as a building block for development of a long-range LoRa network where designers can expect up to 16km of range and 10 years of battery life using two AAA batteries. LoRa technology employs spread spectrum modulation that delivers data robustness in a noisy environment and works through physical obstructions. Because the two Motes are European R&TTE Directive Assessed (DV164140-1) or FCC Certified (DV164140-2), time to market can be significantly reduced through simplification of standards and government regulatory certification.

The DV164140-1 and DV164140-2 are priced at $499 each.