Olymp Engineering has designed an LTE universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) repeater that works with complex algorithms using the Visual System Simulator (VSS) system simulation software within National Instruments' AWR Design Environment.

One of the key requirements was that after the system was designed in VSS, it must be simulated and measured with real signals. Thanks to the tight integration between VSS and NI hardware/LabVIEW software, the designers were able to use LabVIEW to generate the LTE signal, then the NI vector signal transceiver (VST) to acquire that signal and, with LabVIEW call functions, use VSS to evaluate the model with the recorded signal.

"We chose VSS for our repeater design because of its unique capabilities, which allowed us to complete a full design and simulation testing within a single tool," said Orbel Sevoyan, owner of Olymp. "The tight integration with LabVIEW and NI hardware, its ease of use and unique library of models, which is continuously growing with each new version, allowed us to complete RF frequency planning and design and optimisation, and meet our tight deadline to start real hardware development and rapidly correlate measurements to simulation results."