Sanmina's data centre products division Newisys has rolled out a new NVMe fabric storage system that promises to deliver full performance over Ethernet with full bandwidth and minimal added latency.

The NDS22482F is non-blocking and delivers 15 million IOPS and 75GB/s while adding less than 7 microseconds to native SSD latency. The platform scales both horizontally to increase performance and vertically to increase overall capacity. It is also optimised to eliminate the latency added by traditional approaches, which is especially important when using solid-state drives (SSDs) with Intel Optane (3D XPoint) technology.

Unlike traditional all-flash arrays (AFAs), the NDS22482F is connected to switched fabrics using six 100Gb PCIe over Ethernet links. Sanmina said unlimited scale-out is possible with the platform because while every unit connects directly to the storage fabric, all remain centrally managed.

The NDS22482F is currently in release and production ramp-up, with early orders for test and production systems being accepted.