NXP Semiconductors and Wayv have brought to market what they say is the world's first battery operated, handheld portable cooking appliance. The Wayv Adventurer is intended to be compact, rugged and light-weight, and promises to give people the flexibility to efficiently and conveniently heat food anytime and anywhere.

The device can serve a number of on-the-go cooking needs including heating nutritious meals quickly and easily, at the workplace, to support people affected by disasters or personnel at military bases and in the field detailed the company. The Adventurer is engineered for preparing meals outdoors during leisure activities such as camping, hiking or fishing.

Wayv Adventurer

The appliance demonstrates NXP's clout in driving compelling product innovations into the smart cooking market through solid state RF technology, the company indicated. NXP RF technology offers maximum power transfer with controllable energy to the food with less wasted heat. NXP's RF module solution, which delivers 250W of RF power at high efficiency, combined with Wayv's RF antenna, helps deliver excellent cavity efficiency for effective power transfer to the food. Since battery operated appliances currently have limited electrical power, the best possible efficiency is essential. NXP's RF module solution delivers high efficiency power combined with Wayv's high efficiency antenna solution that allows for multiple heating cycles before recharge. The technology platform includes NXP's MKW40Z Kinetis MCU with a 2.4GHz signal generator, a MMA25312 pre-driver, MHT1008 driver and MHT1004 final stage amplifier into a single, integrated closed-loop module.