Germany-based Tews Technologies has added to its range of PCI Express carriers with the TPCE278, a standard height PCI Express Revision 3.0 compatible module that provides one slot for a single-width XMC module.

This upgrades XMC I/O solutions to the PCI Express signalling standard used to build modular, flexible and cost effective I/O solutions for applications such as process control, medical systems, telecommunication and traffic control. The PCI Express x4 link from the host board to the XMC module is supported by a PCIe Gen3 Redriver, allowing safe operation of XMC modules on PCIe mainboards. VPWR is selectable between 12V and 5V via order option.

The TPCE278 supports XMC front panel I/O, and also P14 and P16 rear I/O, independently. XMC P14 rear I/O is provided through a Tyco AMPMODU System 50 0.050 x 0.100 flat ribbon cable connector. The I/O lines are routed differential. XMC P16 rear I/O is implemented through two Samtec QTH-DP 0.50mm Q pairs high speed ground plane socket strip, differential pair connector providing access to all P16 I/O lines. The PCIe edge card connector provides 12V and 3.3V. The TPCE278 uses the 12V of the PCIe edge card connector to generate all power supply voltages for the XMC slot (3.3V, VPWR and 12V).

According to the PCIe specification, a PCIe x4 card is limited to 25W on the 12V which allows to operate many of the available XMC modules on the TPCE278. For increased power requirements of an XMC module, Tews offers TPCE278 variants with a PCIe graphics power connector to supply the 12V for generating all the power supply voltages for the XMC slot providing power of up to 75W. A 10-pin JTAG header is available for XMC module debugging purposes. All five JTAG signals are routed directly to the XMC slot. The card operates from -40° to 85°C.